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Jo A

I give psychic readings using my natural clairvoyance and clairsentience with tarot cards. I read from the heart with integrity and love with my connection to spirit. My aim is to guide you to be able to make your own decisions on dilemmas regarding work and matters of the heart. I have strong instincts about people’s energies no matter how far away they are. I read people’s auras and can advise of imbalances in the auras and the chakras. The readings I give are uplifting, and I am able to tackle convoluted issues. I am sympathetic and warm in my manner of reading.


I learned on oracle cards, then tarot as divination tools even though I was born a natural psychic, which is hereditary, according to the Psychic College of Studies tutors who helped me fine tune my skills. I always had strong instincts and could read people prior to Adolescence. I always had a knowing of how things would turn out for friends as a teenager. Then in the work place I seemed to be always right which didn’t always bode well with logical bosses.


I was sitting with a work friend who was looking sad, I offered to read for him. I went on to describe the type of woman he would love, down to the hair colour. I also told him he was going to go into another career. Little did I know that he had already handed in his resignation, and the girl I described was the girl he loved. He was spooked but grateful.


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