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I work with tarot in order to help me link in to each individual caller. Through the energy of the tarot and the caller I can pass on important messages which are mainly futuristic. I also work with astrology which helps me to work with relationship compatibility and provide helpful information. The planetary transits are also useful for major upcoming events including love, career and spiritual aspects.


I have had many deep spiritual experiences and have been connected to the realms since I was a child. I was always hearing spirit but this is not something I chose to develop until I was in my early 20s. Since then I have been reading tarot, using astrology and linking in with people on a very intense spiritual level. I am passionate about helping people and like to also use my readings as a time for positive affirmation as I am a believer that we can train our minds to do absolutely anything! I constantly see, hear and feel spirit and I am grateful for the gift which I have been given.


About two years ago I had a very strong vision that my friend’s van was going to get broken into. I was unsure whether he had left his house but I felt a sudden urge to call him and advise him not to park his Van in the pub car park if he was going out that night. He had thousands of pounds worth of material in his van and this I did not know. After I had called him to tell him he thought I was mad! But decided to leave his van at a friend’s house anyway and walk to the pub instead. After the evening had finished three – four cars had been broken into and vandalised and expensive accessories had been stolen! He thanked me after that and never doubted my psychic ability again!


Astrology, Tarot, Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Clairsentient, Past Lives, Psychic