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Margaret M

My readings for you are a mix of Astrology, Clairvoyance and Tarot. When you speak to me I make a link with you through the ether, and my Spirit Guide gives me the information you may require, which I can pass onto you, and messages of hope and Spiritual love. Any particular aspect you wish to concentrate on will be followed through in the reading. I will help you to love who you are through Astrology, and with the Tarot and Clairvoyance find the answers you want to your questions.


At the age of three I met my Grandfather at the dinner table, he had passed on many years ago, and caused my parents quite a shock when I asked who the old gentleman was, and described him. From then on I was very aware of the Spirit world and through the years became a sensitive like my mother before me. I have been a member of several groups of psychics over the years and done many psychic sittings, I have also been asked over the years to clear properties of ‘bad vibes’ and ‘odd occurrences’ with satisfactory results. I have done many sittings and readings over the years and have now been led to join ‘The Circle’. My guide is an Angel and has made himself known to me so I may take my work further.


The reading/sitting that impressed me the most, was one I did, on a hot day in the garden, the lady had come to me in distress but could not voice her problem, so we sat and I tuned in. I knew little about her background, but her father came though resplendent in a suit, fob watch on his waistcoat, and rose in his lapel, digging a garden! Tears flowed freely at this point as it was an helpful description of how he dug his rose garden in Germany. He passed on messages from her twin brother and therein laid the problem, apparently he had died at birth and this lady had been unable to speak about him and as she had got older this had caused her great distress as she felt she was letting his memory down, she felt he was trying to contact her and he did! So ended a happy sitting.


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