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Sara P

I am a psychic, clairvoyant, and clairsentient . When reading I use tarot cards divination cubes and often draw upon crystal energy and my own personal spirit guides in order to make a clear connection with my callers. I am able to give guidance on career & relationship and can often link into an individual’s past life in order to bring clarity to current situations. My main expertise I feel is the ability to give a caller guidance on issues concerning self worth, self realisation and letting go of negative thought patterns and behaviour. My purpose is to find a positive solution or answer to a caller’s predicament so that they feel inspired to take positive action forwards. If it is positive encouragement you want then I am your girl.


I became aware of a psychic ability when I was around 7 years old when I had the same dreams as my mother and already knew that my grandmother had passed on an hour before being told. I was always one step ahead of my family as a child trying to prevent things going out of control before they started. I had many premonition dreams as a teenager and one in particular was that my boyfriend had split up with me and the day after the night I dreamt it, the dream came true in exact detail. In fact when I saw the boy in question to tell me the news, it was I who informed him. Although I had a psychic ability I did not receive the support to help me understand until I was in my early 20’s when I met someone who encouraged me to begin my own self study which included Reiki, alternative health, numerology, hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy. Through my learning’s I began to really develop on a psychic and clairvoyant level and for over 15 years now I have been giving readings and spiritual counselling to the young and older generation. I have designed tarot, crystal remedial jewellery and other psychic tools which I use for my own readings and as teaching aids for both students and clients. Through my years of development I have seen and experienced many people and different walks of life that have given me the knowledge to guide others and offer a positive approach to any problem or dilemma. My cup is always half full and I like to share the lighter side of life with others. It gives me such joy to know that someone has left after a reading with a clearer insight to their way forward and that I was able to be part of their journey by helping them heal.


At one time I was lucky enough to have my own shop in town where I sold my own jewellery and offered psychic work and one day a woman walked in the door on the off chance that she could have a reading. I told her that she would change a lot in her life in the next few years, that she would run her own business and that she would be travelling to Italy. I remember her laughing as she said that her and her husband had never gone abroad in the 20 years she had been married and that he would never spend out where it wasn’t needed. She was a house wife and mother with a part time job as a cleaner (which she didn’t need as they were very well off) and clearly not happy in herself. Her self esteem was low to the point that she rarely looked in the mirror as she did not like what she saw. All her time was devoted to her children and her very controlling husband who relied on her constantly. Although she was slightly sceptical of the possibilities I had presented she listened to my advice, which was to begin to start believing in her self more and putting more energy into herself instead of allowing all those around her to sap it away. She took action by leaving her job and began to re-train which lead her to applying for better jobs. She stood up for her self to her husband and they at long last took a trip to Italy. In the last five years her self esteem has soared and she is now running her own business which is very successful. I feel so grateful that I was able to watch and be part of the positive transformation she has made.


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