Marie Alice

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Marie Alice

My Guides, Angels and Guardians have a multitude of ways to pass on their messages. They either talk to me, show me pictures/movies or make me feel physically what the reader/spirit has or is experiencing. In other words, I channel messages through any means they see fit for the client. It always depends on how the client will best receive/recognise their message. I use cards (Angel, Oracle or Tarot) to serve as a focus to link with the higher vibrations.


Although I have always been a medium and psychic, I believe my gift was passed down to me by my great grandmother and two aunties. I have learnt to expand and trust my connections with the higher realms by attending courses.


Maybe the most dramatic of my true stories was for my friends in New York. I asked them to meet me at The Top Of The World restaurant on one of the Twin Towers 9 months before they were destroyed. I used to spend my Christmas and New Years Eve in New York and I had never before expressed an interest in going up there. However, in January 2001, I HAD to go and talk to everyone I could meet there. My friends could not understand why and I could only tell them "I need to be there before the towers disappear". Although they had already experienced my gift many times, they still looked at me as if I was mad. The second time I went there, the following day, I just couldn't leave and I approached the windows, took a lot of pictures, felt the tower swaying and all of a sudden I felt an immense sensation in my stomach and solar plexus, as if someone had punched me really hard. My heart was pounding and I stepped back from the windows. I saw a plane in the distance. This was a real plane but suddenly it was if the plane made a sharp turn and flew straight to where I was. Immediately I could see every detail of it and could hear the roaring of the engines and so much more. I shivered and felt it all through my body. I understood it was now time to go. Later that year, I saw on my computer on the 11th September 2001, the 2nd plane crashing into the tower where I had been standing 9 months before.


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