Michael T

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Michael T

My readings are done with the aid of my spirit guides. They are non-judgmental and delivered with the clients best interests at heart. As an individual, my life has been hard and, at times, I have felt lonely and scared. My readings reflect this as I do my utmost to show who I am reading for that they are not alone and no problem is insurmountable. I do care and that comes across in my readings.


I was born a psychic/medium, as was my Mother and Grandmother. I ignored it through my teens but started my development in my early twenties. My development has continued for the last thirty years. I am also a bereavement counsellor and have trained in England and the USA. My training will continue until I return to spirit. My motto is "Life is a journey and we all walk that same road, if a fellow traveller falls, it is our duty to pick them up."


A well known astrologer had a client who she referred to me. The client asked "When will I find my husband with another woman?" I told her "July 29th, just after midday". I described the bar, the colour of both cars parked together, even what he was wearing. She called me on the 30th July telling me that I had been spot on and how grateful she was.


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