Alison Dak

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Alison Dak

As a clairvoyant I work very closely with my animal and spirit guides to answer the questions you have on your mind before you ask me. Using my trusted divination cards and the colours that vibrate from your voice, I can sense your areas of concern whilst being able to give helpful timings for future events.


Since I can remember, I have had that little voice inside my head. I have always felt that being mortal has its limitations, trying to think and act spiritually. I have a close relationship with both my animal and spirit guides who play a big part in my own spiritual development. I have been interpreting Tarot for over 20 years with my divination cards being my most trusted.


A friend of mine was having trouble finding the right man to go out with and so I decided to sit down with her to see what clairvoyant images would come through from spirit. After a few moments, I decided that I couldn't get anything apart from stars and coffee. So I gave her this information without thinking too much of it. Two weeks later my friend called me with an excited tone in her voice. She had met a new man purely by chance whilst having coffee in the store called Starbucks!


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