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Your questions can be answered as your unique journey unfolds. Feel your inner golden light glow as I connect with your very special aura and energy. Through my Tarot reading and natural psychic intuition I shall help you discover your unique personality and destiny in this amazing world. I shall take you on a revealing visual journey with the pictures I see presented to me as a gift to you from my spirit guides. We shall use these to help overcome any difficulties in your present situation and to help you achieve what you want from the future in a positive and uplifting way. I am open, warm and honest and will give you my support and help on any matter.


I have had no formal training as I am a natural teacher and psychic myself and realised this when I was a small girl. This came to me when my mum had made tea served in our best china for a group of travelling gypsies as exchange for a reading. After the tea, one of the gypsy ladies said to my mum, 'This girl's going to be a teacher and has the gift to guide many people throughout her life." I have never forgotten the warm, golden glow this woman produced within me and she was right, I have spent my whole life guiding others. I have always been deeply in touch with the pure magic of the earth and its creatures and this comes across in my readings.


I have recently been giving psychic Tarot readings by 'phone to a lovely lady who has been in an emotionally wobbly state after moving on from a long term relationship. She has been desperate for some clear answers to her present situation. With the combination of Tarot and spirit I have been telling her heartfeltly my interpretation. Her readings have all been very good and positive with a few warnings to keep focused and alert. She then admitted that she had been in contact with many other psychics. I asked her if she had been calling the others so that she could find the answer that she wanted to hear. She said, 'yes', but told me she had realised she had not needed to as I had been right all along! This reflects how I deliver my readings, always with honesty and positivity.


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