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Anna M

"I didn't think that Anna's reading from last year would come true , when it did I had loads of questions of what to do next"! Anna says "I am a gifted, sensitive clairvoyant who can read for you in all areas of your life. I use Tarot and angel cards to gain insight for you and to offer guidance.The information comes to me clairvoyantly or clairaudiently (so I see it or hear it). There is no clock in the spirit realms so although I can predict outcomes, timings in this work are not an exact science!


I have always been aware of my psychic ability and would often have dreams about future events. I dreamt about the disappearance of a famous race horse. During my early adult life I lived with my family in London and spirits would often appear to me that belonged to this old Victorian house. A small girl in Victorian clothes would often appear to me, smiling. Spirits were also attracted to me in the work place and much to my amusement and the amazement of my boss, a mischievous spirit would play with the controls of my dictation machine! These experiences intrigued me and drew me into taking an interest in the occult and mysticism. From my first Tarot reading at 18, I was drawn to study the cards and then took Tarot workshops which deepened my knowledge. I have also attended workshops on using angel cards to connect with spirit guides and helpers.


I had the pleasure of reading for a sensitive mature man who was experiencing the heartbreak of a divorce. It was not an easy time for him and I could see by the cards that he was embracing a big life change. I was able to predict that he would soon meet the love of his life and that this relationship would lead to marriage. I encouraged him to put his energies into this new relationship. The angels cards also showed him to find the courage to accept these changes. He left the reading a little happier but unconvinced. He called me recently to tell me that he was making plans to tie the knot and that his reading had been very helpful.


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