Helen W

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Helen W

Is your relationship causing you worry? I work with the angelic realm and spirit guides using angel cards and channeling. I connect to your aura and to the people that are around you to give you honest guidance that will help you clear the pathway ahead. This brings you comfort and empowerment so that you know the choices that you have and that the angels are always there guiding you to the most loving and positive conclusion.


I have worked with many peoples' auras and energies. I combine this with my work with the angelic realm and universal energy. Through my clairaudience and clairvoyance, I can hear and see what the problems are together with all the information and my angel cards, I can give loving direction and positive choices leaving you stronger and empowered.


From being very young I have been sensitive to people, places, emotions and energies. I also 'knew' information but I didn't know why. As many years went by, it all became apparent and I could no longer ignore it. I started working with my biggest calling, the angelic realm and universal energy. I did many psychic readings for friends and family and found that I helped them stand in their own power to make positive life choices. My best story was a friend that had lost her partner and was afraid to move on. The psychic reading was so loving and positive with her partner coming through from the other side. The day after the reading, she was so happy and positive and called me to say, 'thank you, I'm ready to move forward and enjoy life again', which she still is!


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