Tracey K

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Tracey K

I tune in psychically and use the Tarot as a tool. I 'feel' what I need to know and 'hear'. I simply know things through feelings. I pick up lots of information around the emotional and relationship side of things and during my psychic readings online, these are my areas of specialty.


I am descended directly down a long line of Romany Psychics and Clairvoyants. I work with my powerful Spirit Guide who worked with my Grandmother before me. My approach is unusual; although I cover all life areas, I go straight to the heart of the matter; come and talk to me - my approach is gentle, but come only if you want the truth, not for sympathy and comfort.


I once read for a lady whose husband had left her for another woman. I could clearly see that all was not well and that the husband had realised he had made a huge mistake and that he wanted to return to the marriage. I told the lady to be aware and also to be absolutely sure she wanted him back, and if she did, then all she had to do was wait. The lady was quite adamant that there was no way he would return. However, less than a month later, the lady returned to me for an updated psychic reading and it was here that she told me I had been correct. She told me that her husband had returned and that although it was difficult for her to forgive, she had chosen to give her marriage another chance.


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