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Are you looking for honest answers? I work with a guide called Joe, and between us , we will give you an helpful and clear reading for your situation.. I love to be let loose sothat spirit can do their thing. This way once I start to be given information Ican just keep talking and tell you whatever spirit wants you to know. I'm avery straight forward and down to earth reader and I will give you a reading justlike this. I have been called the "happy medium" as I do like to have a laughwith my callers!


My gifts come from my father's side of thefamily, who was a Romany from Spain. Mypsychic ability and mediumship have been with me from about the age of 12. Itwas all a bit strange and I did not understand a lot of it, but over time it startedto become clear. I started doing psychometry (reading objects), though no onehad told me about this. It used to frighten my friends a bit, but as I gotolder I got a good guide come to me, who was a Jewish Cockney, he has beenwith me since I was aged 25. Since then I've never looked back and continue tolove doing this work for spirit.


I did a reading for aman and his wife in April, and they were asking about moving house. I told them that by Nov 13th ofthat year their house would be sold, but they could not see this as they hadbeen trying to sell for a very long time. I did say they may not have moved outby then but they would know the house would be sold by that date. They contactedme shortly after that date to tell me the house had sold on exactly the date I had given them.


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