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I am a natural clairvoyant, chosen by a guru to do this work. I also use the crystal ball. Allow me to read for you and guide you in whatever area of your life that you need help, you will not be disappointed.


I was trained by a Hindu guru who identified me for spiritual work in her Calcutta homeland at the age of nine. I have been giving psychic readings for over forty years. My training as a clairvoyant and crystal ball psychic reader has brought me many clients worldwide. These clients frequently consult me on a whole range of issues including relationships, work, family and worries. I am often given letters of the alphabet from spirit to provide names and messages about people who are important to you. I am also fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali and Gujarati. Truly I am a gifted lady.


My guru in my Indian homeland told me that I would marry an academic from the UK. At that time I was employed as a teacher in my local college. The old principal died and his replacement was sent from the UK. It was not long before he and I fell in love and eventually we returned to England and set up home. Curiously my guru also told me that I would become a well known psychic in England. This puzzled me at the time as I was not really intending to pursue a career in this field but lo and behold it seems that my guru was right all along!!! Let me do your online psychic reading and see the messages that come to you through the crystal ball!


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