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I am what you would call an old style clairvoyant, medium and Tarot reader, tutored in the old ways. I work directly with spirit, I can help you find lost objects and am also an animal psychic, able to provide you with a psychic reading online or dream analysis full of meaning and comfort. I am also a Reiki master and a Shamen.


I was born the eight or ninth in line in my family to have the gifts and skills that I have got. In fact one of my Grandmothers was called Gypsy Jane. I was able to see spirit from a very young age and at just two years old talked about my 'other' grandfather. o one in my family could understand what I meant until one day I pointed to an old photo in an album. he photo was of my grandfather's brother who had passed over many years before I was born. My grandfather passed over when I was fifteen but he had said to me that he would come back to see me. One day the clock in his room struck thirteen and then stopped. I am a horse jumper and always rode number thirteen!! Since then my grandfather has been my guide for when I do psychic readings.


Whilst I was learning to develop my skills as a psychic my brother would often hide things for me to find by dowsing. I became so good at this skill that I am frequently asked to find lost animals. I have a natural affinity with animals, especially horses, cats and dogs. I have found numerous lost animals including a famous show dog that was stuck in a rabbit hole 200 miles from where he disappeared, a cat who went to live in a school and even a roaming tortoise! On a more serious note the local police force often ask for my help in some of their more mysterious cases and I even gave a description of the man who later became infamous as the Yorkshire Ripper.


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