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I am a practising Zen Buddhist; I have practised so much the label doesn’t apply. I don’t use cards, the messages come to me though spiritual connection. My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; I call myself the Marmite Buddha. What can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!


I began by following the teachings of traditional spiritualism, becoming a platform medium. After a while I began to find my own unique method, which is when my readings began to make more sense. I have attended and taught at several spiritual retreats. I feel everything can be explained by taking one of the Buddha’s basic techniques to its logical extremity. ‘We are all one’. It simply became a choice to be aware of that one we all are.


I had a call and said, ‘I would love to give you a reading, but my guides say you won’t listen. So rather than wasting your time and money, I am ending the call’. For the first week the customer told me they were angry with what I had said. During the second week they began to understand why I had said what I had said, when I had said it, and why it was all I had said. On the third week when they rang in for another Reading with me by choice, after taking their name, I said, ‘Apparently you’ve been doing some thinking recently and started listening to yourself and your guidance.’ They got the reading they needed and went on to become quite a regular client.


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