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I have been working in the psychic field for over 27 years, and using Tarot and Runes, will be happy to give you helpful and relevant advice regarding your problems. I have a no-nonsense approach and will quickly tune into your situation, telling you honestly what I feel, but leaving you more confident to move forward.


I have always felt a connection with the psychic world and was teaching myself tarot and attending a circle in my twenties. During my time working in the field I have worked with household names and appeared on TV and radio. I have also written for a national magazine and been featured in others. I have taught tarot and runes and am well versed in a variety of different techniques that may help you to feel more confident about your life path. I also do dream analysis to help you be more aware of the hidden messages in dreams.


As well as offering “standard” readings, I have also offered past life readings to my personal clients. One day I was asked to give one such reading to a suited and booted Sikh client. I tuned in and to my horror, saw him as a south American cowgirl (a gaucho). I didn’t know how to tell him what I saw, so I just blurted it out, apologised and offered to leave. He just smiled at me and took off his jacket, rolled up his shirt sleeve – and displayed a tattoo of a girl (just as I’d described) on his arm.


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