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I have a warm, bubbly personality, and a psychic reading with me will leave you feeling uplifted. I'm a medium, clairvoyant, I read Tarot and your past lives. I will help you come to terms with where you are now, by looking at your past and informing you of what is to come in your future.


When I was 20 years old I attended a meeting with a group of well known psychics and mediums. They told me two important things. One, I was pregnant! Two, I would one day be a well known psychic myself. Well, I was absolutely flabbergasted by announcement number one as only that morning I had had confirmation I was expecting a baby and hadn't even had time to tell my husband! Announcement number two needed a little more time. Family commitments took over my life but in my forties I went on a training course at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College and my life changed. I am now a recognised medium and psychic and find fulfillment in being able to help others through my work as a psychic online.


Quite recently I was conducting a psychic reading for a 'phone customer, when I found myself performing a 'back breaking' contortion to give evidence to my customer. During the psychic reading it became obvious that the caller's father had come through to me from the spirit world. He was showing me a stick of seaside rock but holding it in such a way that it was not possible to see the name of the resort printed in the rock. Suddenly I found that I was actually bending my head and neck in an almost impossible way until I was able to read Blackpool printed in it. I told the caller who confirmed that her father had always taken holidays in Blackpool and without fail used to give his daughter a stick of rock on his return, waving it haphazardly until she caught it!


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